5 Tips On How To Get the Best Mobile Phone Contract

contractsThe mobile phone industry is full of gimmicks that lure customers in with great sounding deals that don’t actually turn out to be a great deal. Unfortunately, however, by the time most people realize this, it is too late because they’ve already committed in writing to a long contract with bad terms. Please review our 5 tips below on how to get the best mobile phone contract and avoid the gimmicks.

1. Avoid “Cheap” Contracts That Don’t Give You What You Need
One of the most common gimmicks is to lure customers in with a contract that sounds like it is really cheap because it has a low monthly fee. However, the fine print of the contract may state that if you go over a certain number of minutes in a month, you’ll have to pay a much higher fee per minute. In fact, some of these “cheap” contracts will actually charge you more than 60p per minute! In order to truly keep your costs down, you need to find a contract that will give you enough minutes that will actually fit your needs. In this way, you’ll never go over and incur higher per minute charges and a shocking bill at the end of the month!

2. Advice About Contract Length
Trying to figure out how long a contract you are willing to sign can be tricky. On the short end of the range, mobile operators offer 12 month contracts. However, you’ll never get a good rate if you only commit for a year. On the other end of the range, mobile operators offer 36 month contracts. These come with substantial discounts which can be extremely tempting. However, before you actually sign that long contract, you need to consider what may occur during that 3 year period. You may end up moving to another part of the UK, changing jobs, or even moving out of the country. You should also consider how quickly the mobile phone industry changes. Rates could easily come down a great deal 24 months into your 36 month contract. However, you would not be able to take advantage of the new lower rates since you’d still be locked into the higher rates for another year. A good compromise is to select a 24 month contract. This way, if your circumstances change, you don’t have to wait as long or you can more easily buy your way out of the contract.

3. Understand the Roaming Charges Fully Before You Commit To a Contract
When you travel abroad, the cost to use your mobile phone can increase substantially due to “roaming charges.” These are extra charges that are applied once you leave the UK. Some companies have cheaper roaming charges than others so if you plan to travel abroad, you should factor this into your decision on which contract to chose. Keep in mind too that roaming charges vary by country so it is best to check on the roaming charges in the specific countries you will be visting. Don’t sign the contract until you know for sure! If you travel abroad frequently, you may come out ahead if find a special package that offers lower roaming charges even if the local rates are a bit higher.

4. How To Choose the Best Network
The quality of the network varies greatly throughout the UK. Therefore, it is imperative that you research which network works best in the specific areas where you will be using the mobile phone the most. Start with where you live and work but also expand your research to other places you visit frequently such as where your family and friends live. Do not base your decision on what a salesperson tells you because they are often wrong and don’t depend on coverage maps either because they are frequently mislabeled. The best way to determine the best network for a given area is to simply ask the local people in that area.

5. Avoid High Pressure Sales Tactics By Shopping Online
Some people prefer to shop for mobile phones in a retail shop since they can hold the phones in their hand and see its features in person. However, in order to do so, you have to deal with a salesperson who works on commission and has been well trained to apply high pressure sales tactics. They may convince you to get high end mobile phone for a “cheap” price by locking yourself into a extra long mobile phone contract with really bad terms. You can avoid these high pressure sales tactics by shopping online. Further, you can take your time, read user reviews, and really figure out what the best deal would be for your specific circumstances without a salesperson interfering with that logical process.

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